Paulina Zuluaga

Medellin assistance.

Paulina Zuluaga - Office manager.

At Colombiacasa we know often our clients need some level of assistance beyond finding their new place to live. So we offer a service of daily assistance for common but sometimes difficult tasks when having to do things for yourselves in a new country. Here is a short list of tasks we can assist you with. If there is a task we have not listed please feel free to contact to us and we will consider your request. Upon request we will give you a quote on our fee for assistance.

- Private city tours.

- Translation services.

- Translating services.

- Assisting with medical appointments.

- Shopping services.

- Booking travel arrangements.

- Price per day: $ 150.000 COP.

- Price per half day: $ 80.000 COP.

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Realestate and health services.

Luisa María Ortiz - Realestate Broker/Health Services

Obtaining good healthcare and understanding how the local health system works is one of the priorities when you are thinking of moving to another country. That is why I want to tell you briefly how our health system works, the differences in services and how to enroll into the system.

If you need more information about signing up for insurance, look at the video below and feel free to contact to us.

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Insurance services.

Maria Carmen Díaz - Insurance Agent

Maria Carmen can assist all our clients with health care insurance and home and apartment insurance also. Please feel free to request a consultation with Maria for any of your health care or property insurance needs.

Visa Assistance

Colombiacasa offers Colombian Visa assistance so you can get work or personal status in the country. Depending on the type of visa you are applying for we can help you with the application for your visa. We will personally help with acquiring all the paper work you need and escort you to the visa office to help you with translation with the visa officials. There are two types of visas we can assist you with. The following categories are as follows:\

Retirement Visa:

This is a visa for people who are retired and wanting to live in Colombia. In order to apply for this you must prove a retirement income of approximately $750 USD per month (2019 figure). This visa can be valid for one to three years.

Foreign Direct Investment Visa:  

This visa requires an investment in the purchase of a property valued at approximately $165000 USD. This visa is valid for five years.

The Colombian Foreign Ministry if fully entitled to request additional documents.

The delivery of the documents for processing, does NOT guarantee the delivery of the Visa.


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Whatsapp Medellin Number: 304-647-5113

North American Number: 1-604-259-6911 

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