Feature 1: Views

Medellin is a city with perfect weather. If your apartment or home is situated in the right location on the hills of the city you do not need air conditioning or heat. This is an apartment that qualifies as an energy saver. No heat or no air conditioning needed. The patios in this project are huge, some of the patios are as big as a small apartments in other parts of the city. 

Feature 2: Living Room

This living room is very spacious. It opens up to the outdoor patio and seems that the inside and outside are one space. This room offers plenty os room to entertain guests.

Feature 3: Kitchen

The kitchens in Vista are made for entertaining, with beautiful views of the city. There is ample counter space for cooking and a huge room behind the kitchen that is traditional set aside for a maids quarters but could be converted to a massive pantry, another bedroom or a spa-washroom. 



Feature 4: Bedrooms & Studio

All apartments at Vista feature either three or four bedroom plans. The Master bedroom is very spacious with lots of light. The bathrooms all have beautiful sinks and a rain showers. The studio is full of light, you can also convert it into another room. All the rooms are connected with each other through the patio.