Get beyond Medellin in 2019


I have lived full time in Medellin since 2014. I have been coming to Medellin since 2010. My impressions of Medellin in 2019, in one word wow! The growth of Medellin from my early days of 2010 is remarkable. The city has transformed in many ways. Coming from Vancouver Canada a world class city its hard to compare my new home to my old home. So I won’t for this short blog entry try to do this here. But what I can say is that the city is growing economically and I see a small but growing middle class. On most days you can see the malls are full with new consumers. Signs of economic growth are everywhere. With this as a backdrop In 2015 I started my real estate company Colombiacasa. To put it bluntly the property real estate scene has been on a steady rise. With the arguably the worlds best weather for a city with year round temperatures hovering in between 24-26 Celsius, Medellin is a city Paridise. Is medellin a perfect city? No! I am very much a realist. With upward mobility of the middle class I have seen in my time here a doubling of the amount of cars on the Road. As most people know Medellin also had a troubled past. But long story short I have observed that the positives far out way the negatives in this city. For me the most important factor is the city and surrounding country side is still affordable for people who are thinking of retiring or relocating to Medellin and Oriente. So if you find yourself reading this post and are thinking of coming to invest in or near Medellin the time is right. For 2019 here at Colombiacasa we continue to see great investment opportunities in Medellin and even better opportunities for those who prefer the country life just outside of the city. So our stated goal in 2019 is to focus half our efforts on looking to Oriente the region just outside of the Medellin city limits. So we look forward to sharing with you all the places we see as the best places to live and invest going forward. If you happen to be in Medellin and would like to understand the real estate scene here we would be more than happy to buy you a coffee and give you the low down on how to invest here and where to invest here.

Written by: Ian Palmer (Owner Operator of Colombiacasa)