We are Medellin’s Premier Boutique Real Estate Company:

Colombia is a land rich with beautiful landscapes and beautiful places to experience. The city of Medellin and the surrounding area is where we have set our sights for investment and real estate sales.  Colombiacasa is a full service real estate broker in Medellin Colombia. We help new comers to Medellin find apartments, houses, farms and land.

What we do: 

Colombia Casa provides three services:

1) First and foremost we are a listing site for foreigners who are interested in purchasing or selling a property in Medellin and Antioquia.

2) Secondly we offer Investor visa assistance for those wanting to live in Colombia.

3) Thirdly we offer Health Insurance Assistance. For many people coming from countries where health care is extremely expensive this is a reason alone to move to Colombia. Colombia has a very good health system for very reasonable premiums.

Owner Operator:

My name is Ian Palmer owner and operator of Colombiacasa. In the year 2010 I first came to Medellin from Vancouver Canada. Escaping the wet cold Vancouver winter was priority number one. It took me one visit to Medellin to see that this city had changed so much from what it was to was going to become. With year round perfect weather and prices on par with Vancouver real estate in the late 1980s, I knew this was the place for me. I am very passionate about this city of Medellin and the surrounding area of Oriente and the department of Antioquia. I would be more than happy to spend an hour of my time with anyone who is thinking of purchasing a an apartment, a house, or property in Medellin and Antioquia. A little free advice could go a long way. Let’s sit down for a cup of the best coffee in the world and discuss real estate here.


My name is Paulina Zuluaga. I have a dual role at Colombiacasa as office manager and sales and marketing director. I was born and raised in Medellin. I have a degree in graphic design. In 2019 I have decided to use my skills as a designer to transition into real state and development. Medellin and Antioquia has become a hotspot for new comers to Colombia looking for a place to retire or relocate. I love my city and department and nothing makes me happier than finding the perfect apartment, home or Finca for our clients. I truly look forward to serving you in the future.